Chain Wire Fencing

Used in a wide variety of applications both domestically and commercially, Chainwire fencing is a cost-effective alternative to conventional types of fencing, such as tubular fencing and often referred to as chain-mesh or cyclone wire.

Chainwire fencing is available in galvanised, PVC/ powder coated finishes. A range of alternative heights and installation methods are available to suit the required application.

Domestic Chainwire Fencing

Domestically Chainwire fencing is commonly used for:
  • Tennis courts,
  • compliment era-built dwellings and panoramic rural views,
  • Pet enclosures.

Commercial Chainwire Fencing

From high security applications to simple perimeter chainwire fencing solutions such as:
  • Storage cages (with or without roofing),
  • Sporting – cricket nets and tennis courts,
  • Barbed wire and razor ring installations.