Commercial Tubular Fencing

When tubular fencing is considered in commercial and industrial applications, it is typically done so with high-end security, street frontage and or visibility through the proposed installation in mind.

Tubular fence installations commissioned with SA Security fencing will inherently provide next level security, to your Commercial or Industrial business, which can be further complimented with an automated vehicular gate.

When selecting a tubular design to suit your business, factors such as the following will require consideration: Overall height of the proposed installation, Level of security that may need to be achieved, The martials used to fabricate your proposed fence, What is to be seen beyond the fence installation (I.E: open area of vertical fence pickets). As part of the initial site investigation process, our estimators will undertake a consultative or design and construct approach to your requirements, providing you with alternative options and ensuring your installation needs are met. To book for a site inspection with one of our estimating representatives to discuss your requirements, please send us a web enquiry, or contact our office on (08) 8187 2877 today!