Tubular Fencing

Used in installations both domestically and commercially, a tubular fence is a strong and durable alternative to other types of fencing that may be considered.

Tubular fencing is typically fabricated from galvanised steel however, aluminium may perhaps be used when installation of the finished product is, for instance, subject to harsh environmental conditions such as a coastal area.
Materials used within fabrication vary within each design, and can be specifically changed to suit. Materials used in fabrication often include:

  • Round vertical pickets,
  • Square vertical pickets,
  • Spear heads,
  • Horizontal/ vertical slats,
  • Rectangular rails.

The method of fabrication can also be considered when commissioning a tubular fence installation. For instance, (depending on the selected design) it is often more cost effective to weld each vertical picket to the face of the fencing rails, as opposed to drilling/ welding them within the centre of the rails. However, this can change the aesthetic appeal of the final product.

Tubular fence installations are often finished with a protective powder coat finish; in a colour you are able to specifically nominate.

Using the highest quality Australian made steel, combined with the extensive industry experience of our fabrication team at Lonsdale, will ensure your installation is of the highest quality and standard.

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