Colorbond Fencing

Typically, there are two types of Colourbond fencing installations that are considered to screen domestic (or commercial) boundaries.

Post and rail colour bond fence installations provide a strong, durable and long-lasting installation however, on one face of the boundary installation galvanised posts and rails are visible to one side. A post and rail fence installation is typically preferred within areas where strong winds are common. (Posts and rails can be powder coated to further blend if required).

Good neighbour or modular colour bond fences are an “aesthetically pleasing” installation, which looks the same from both sides. Unlike a post and rail fence installation, the modular posts and rails are in-line with the boundary (IE Not only visible to one side of the boundary). When a modular fence installation is considered for installation in an area which experiences high wind, or a height of 2.1m high is considered, additional powder coated steel posts are installed to further strengthen the installation.

Both good neighbour and post and rail fence installations are available in the full range of colour bond colours as well as combinations that may be considered for further appeal (combinations of colour selection are typical to modular fences and can significantly enhance your fence installation) . Other than colour and type of installation, the following aspects are also considered:

  • Sheet profile selection (corrugated, mini flute, TL5 or superdek to name a few),
  • Natural ‘zinc’ finish,
  • Feature posts including timber or powder coated posts with post capitols,
  • Modular infill panels such as lattice or horizontal slats.

To a front boundary, either of these installation types can be replicated into an automated driveway gate solution, further enhancing the level of privacy and security to your home. When considering a boundary fence either equal to or greater than 2m in height, it is strongly recommended that you consult your local council, to ensure that you are not exceeding the prescribed heights.

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